Vip transfer in Bulgaria

If you are in need of a VIP transfer in Bulgaria — for business, for meeting special guests, for celebrating special occasions or just for feeling VIP, Easy Rent Bulgaria offers you transfer services in Bulgaria, from economic class autos to luxury and exclusive cars.
We offer you the highest range of convertible cars, luxury cars and limos in Europe.
You can rent all cars for VIP transfers from and to airport Burgas, Vars, Sofia.
VIP Transfers in Bulgaria for participation in corporate events are no longer a problem you have to solve. Easy Rent Bulgaria is always ready to come and help you with our services in the area of Business & Corporate fields, where you might need a vip transfer in Bulgaria.
We, at Easy Rent Bulgaria, offer our clients vip transfers in Bulgaria with a driver and VIP transfers in Bulgaria without a driver. All our drivers are good professionals, who are a guarantee for accuracy and work with the confidentiality and respect our clients need.
Our company provides you high quality services, elegant luxury, comfort and confidence.

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